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The Secret Table originated in October of 2010 in Los Angeles and was inspired by the Paris-based Hidden Kitchen. Our goal was to create a communal dining event where intrepid foodies could meet and eat.  What started as a nine-course, paired with wines, sit-down dinner for 24 evolved into casual beach parties, sophisticated evenings at local wineries and everything in between.   Now that we are located in Manhattan, sign up for our mailing list: to receive updates about where and when the next communal dining event will take place.  

















Secret Table -- Hancock Park

The inaugural Table took place in Hancock Park, California and was a not-so-secret success. After our first dinner, our mailing list grew to several hundred people so the next dinner was an even easier event to promote. 

Secret Table -- Washington

When I moved to the bucolic Connecticut countryside I was a bit concerned as to how I would market The Secret Table.  But I managed to spread the word and the very first Table was a wonderful Sunday Lunch which took place in my home on a wonderful wintry day blanketing us in snowfall.  It was in a word: magic!

The Secret Table
Secret Table -- Malibu 

Nestled in Malibu Canyon we found a gorgeous setting for a Secret Table.  We partnered with Rosenthal Winery and created a day-to-evening event that allowed our guests to look out over the Pacific and enjoy a spectacular sunset. Our most stunning Table ever. 

The Secret Table
Secret Table -- Manhattan

One of my NY-based clients wanted to throw his own Secret Table so we privatized the night for him and still made it "secret" as no one knew where the dinner would be held and who would attend until the night before the event.  Today we've privatized the Table for a number of clients hosting friends from all over the world.  

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