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since 2009

Once upon a time I was a Hollywood film executive who wanted to segue to writing.  When I took the plunge, I needed a plan B... just in case my new career didn't put bread on the table.  A friend suggested I cook.  I was well known as a mad entertainer, passionate cook and had an international repertoire due to my globetrotting childhood. "Hmmm," I thought, "interesting." So I replied,"Cook? For money?" "Yes," she concurred. "For money."  


So I did. I launched my business in August of 2009 in Los Angeles, hardly a small town to conquer.  A few bits of press here and there and Secret Ingredients was on the map.  I will admit that I was terrified and had a serious case of stage fright during the first half-dozen gigs. But then I relaxed into my job and did what I've been doing since I was six-years old: I cooked and poured my heart and soul into my food.  And the rest of it was easy.  I had hosted parties since I could remember so overseeing every last detail of a chic sit-down dinner for 12 or a celebratory birthday for 50 was second-nature to me.   


Today I am a very happy writer and chef who has fed scores of people all of whom were initially clients and later friends.  I feel extremely fortunate that at this time in my life I am able to pursue my passions for food and writing both of which inform the other.  When I look back on that singular moment when I faced the unknown and my fear of the future, I am so grateful, that for once, I followed a friend's advice to the letter.   

It all began with a career change...
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